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Did you know that a page 2 or page 1 placement of your webpage could result in 100% more traffic. And that the first place on page one gets almost 30% of all traffic. So this is the place you need to aim for.

I’m going to share some easy to implement tips that will help you gain higher SEO rank on your webpage / WordPress blog posts. Optimizing blog posts for search engines can be tough, but it’s worth the effort.

Blog SEO Rank
  • Make your blog post titles between 50-60 characters, This will not be truncated by Google but still have a great title that holds your best keywords
  • Your main keyword from the title need to be repeated in the first 100 words with some related keywords
  • Search on Google for the main keyword, check the first 10 posts and check the length of the text and number of images. Extens your post beyond the average of these posts.

If you follow the tips above your SEO will improve and your site will start to climb, good luck.