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Simple and free windows software

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File Splitter & Joiner

Problem sending large files using your email? Problem downloading large files from your fiends Then this Splitter & Joiner software can help you. Just right click on the file you want to split or join and you will find the FWSplitter run the SendTo menu, the...

XML SiteMap Creator

* Help Search Engines index your websites easier* Follows the Google XML SiteMap specifications* Improve your Search Engine Ranks, when your complete site is indexed* Increase your visitor numbers, when Search Engines index more of your site. V2.3 Minor bugfixesV2.2...

Sudo the Sudoku Puzzle game

Join the Sudoku revolution, start solving today you to It’s fun and Free to Download, Easy to download easy to remove.

Change Extension Utility

Do you want to change the extension of file but don’t how or don’t want to go to command prompt mode every time. Change Extension will help you fast and easy